Welcome! Here is a quick tour of my home studio. The studio is set up to be comfortable for multiple family members to attend lessons. There are toys and books suitable for young children and a table for doing homework. Parents sit at the table or on the couch to observe younger student's more closely. The mirror is useful for older student's to check coordination and posture. Can you spot the parrot?

Wilma, pictured below, is my companion bird who attends all of my student's lessons. She is flighted, which means I let her wings grow out so she can fly. Because of this she enjoys lessons from the safety of her cage. At the end of the lesson I let her out and she will fly to her favorite spot. Student's can give her treats which she takes very gently. When you leave she will squawk goodbye as soon as you approach the door! All my student's agree that Wilma is a very exciting addition to music lessons.