Recording is one of my most favorite experiences as a musician. It freezes the performing art of sound and time into an auditory painting. This resonates with me as a hobbyist in the visual arts. 

I have a lot of experience working in the recording studio, and personally have used ProTools for my own compositions and recordings. I have recorded for many bands and artists, such as Geronimo Getty, Big Whup, Drew Denny, Cody Gill, Edward Hamel, Sam Broido, Seasons, Alysia Michelle James, Goodnight Cody, and countless others. I have had the privilege of working at Capitol Records, East West StudiosMusic Friends Studios, CalArts DRS, Red Rockets Glare Studios, Song Writing School of Los Angeles, and many other home recording studios in the Los Angeles area. 

Notable Recordings:

Geronimo Getty's album "Darkness Hides" can be heard on Hart of Dixie (S2, E22) and the movies Back in the Day (2014), Strutter (2012) and Teddy Bears (2013).

Drew Denny's "Blah Blah Bye Bye" can be heard on the movie Jess + Moss (2011) title credits.

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