There is no doubt that music lessons teach children more useful life skills than any other activity. Through violin lessons teach skills such as problem solving, patience, cooperation, bravery, and, of course, an appreciation for art and beauty. Miss Morgan uses principles from her background in Neuroscience, the Suzuki method, as well as her own experience as a professional musician, to develop an engaging, sequential approach for learning violin skills. Morgan believes that all of her students will not only grow into talented musicians but will be the bright, thoughtful leaders of our next generation.

Suzuki Method for Preschoolers

Suzuki lessons are designed for students 4 years and up. These lessons focus on building violin skills first with the guidance of the parent. While muscle memory is developing, students listen to their future repertoire. Once a month students in the Suzuki program meet for group class to perform all that they have learned together. Note reading is introduced as early as possible to prepare students for youth orchestras.

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Violin Lessons & Viola Lessons

My approach combines my skills as a string player with my BA in Neuroscience, providing me with a deep understanding of how we learn the violin both physically and musically. For older, perhaps experienced students, I use a traditional approach to teaching infused with strong foundation in technique from my studies and my extensive Suzuki training. In addition to classical repertoire, once a year my students learn American and international folk music inspired for the fiddle.

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